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Europe’s leading platform for international residential property finance.

Our story

The senior leadership team at Interbridge have built a substantial and successful track record of arranging short term property loans to their clients.

Our mission to arrange international residential property finance started in the UK and the journey took the business to continental Europe because of strong demand from our clients.

We have designed and built a solid loan investment capability that is focused on delivering funds to our clients reliably and fast. We understand our clients needs and we can deliver local expertise to execute our transactions.

Our European Focus

At Interbridge we are truly passionate about what we do and really want our clients to obtain short-term funding for their residential property needs.

Lifestyles have become dynamic, multi-location and multi-jurisdictional. At Interbridge we understand the lifestyle because we live the lifestyle. We call it European Californication, because in the US we have known for a long time that successful people aspire to own properties in California, Florida, or other ocean side locations. For mountain lifestyles Americans have properties in Denver, Aspen, Vermont or Canada.

At Interbridge we are seeing the same trends in Europe, and we see it accelerating. Perhaps the centrifugal forces of Brexit have not made this very visible to some but it is a powerful structural dynamic. Our customers are successful, wealthy and usually entrepreneurs. Working from home is already a reality for many.

Time is valuable and our customers want to live in Mediterranean or Alpine neighborhoods, travel to work to London, Munich, Vienna, Paris or Milan and don’t want to wait for up to one year to arrange financing for their 2nd homes.

The regular banks of our customers are frequently not set up to offer property financing solutions which mirror their lifestyles. For SME clients, most banks do not accept cross-border property security for a loan; perhaps do not know how to value a property away from their home market or cannot do foreign language loan and security arrangements.

Some banks are offering international property loans, but those banks often require their borrowers to transfer assets under management to the banks which they simply may not wish to do.

So, borrowers are left with tough choices, and it can take a lot of time to arrange financing for the purchase or refinance of 2nd home properties.

At Interbridge we help.

  • We provide funding solutions to affluent international, multiple homeowner citizens.
  • We are the premier 2nd home short-term residential loan arranger in Europe.
  • We bridge the market gap for our clients so that they can sort out their long-term financing or sale of a property without any undue pressure.

Our Professional Advisors

Our Valuers

Our heritage is the UK bridging market and we consider the UK R.I.C.S. valuation standard to be a good one to work with. All of our loans require valuation reports instructed by Interbridge. We only accept R.I.C.S. or similar valuation standards. We work with internationally recognised valuation companies and maintain a panel list.


Our Directors

At Interbridge we take leadership and governance seriously and our team can draw on long and, distinguished track records in European financial markets.
Our Executive Committee has four members:

Sven Peter


Sven is a highly successful Financial Services entrepreneur who has founded and runs several European property lending businesses. Prior to Interbridge Sven has worked as a senior investment banker at Lazard and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.

Sean Adams

Chief Commercial Officer

Sean has successfully built up and managed UK and European property debt advisory businesses and is well versed in client needs and loan solutions. Prior to INterbridge Sean worked at…..

Thorsten Lamberty

Chief Lending Officer

Thorsten has successfully managed Interbridge lending operations many years and has previously worked in Corporate Finance Advisory in Germany and the UK.

Filip Skolnik

Chief Financial Officer

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Our lawyers

At Interbridge we work with a selection of hand-picked specialty real estate and finance lawyers in each of the countries where we arrange financing.

Contact us

You can contact us by calling +44 (20) 808 95279 or by e-mail enquiries@ibfg-europe.com

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