Meet CFO of Interbridge – Filip Skolnik

Europe’s leading platform for international residential property finance.

Filip Skolnik serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Interbridge Group, a position he has held since the inception of Interbridge’s European business, and was at the forefront of developing Interbridge’s European business model. He has been acquainted with Sven Peter, the founder of Interbridge and group CEO, since 2015, highlighting a longstanding professional relationship. When queried about his decision to join Interbridge, Filip notes that he was at the stage of his corporate finance career, where he was looking for the next exciting challenge, and the opportunity to participate in expansion into the European markets presented exactly that. Furthermore, Filip notes that he at the time has moved to one if the key European fintech hubs – the Baltics, an excellent location for the heart of our European operations.

Reflecting on his early days at Interbridge in 2020, Filip notes the stark transformation the company has undergone. Initially, it was a small team of three people, designing every aspect of the future business – from processes and operations to accounting setups and client relations. This hands-on task required a versatile skill set and unwavering dedication. Backed up by a structured approach for finding efficient and creative solutions coming from Filip’s background in engineering, and through a shared vision, mission, and values, strongly advocated by CEO Sven Peter, the team has successfully established a structured and efficient organization.

Filip is a visionary, driven by the potential for innovation and impact. He recognizes the underdeveloped nature of short term prime real estate financing solutions in Europe, which presents significant opportunities for pioneering work and making influential decisions. This pioneering spirit is not just about navigating uncharted territories; it’s about creating value and facilitating others to achieve their aspirations, a facet of the job Filip finds immensely fulfilling.

Now, as Interbridge Europe has grown to a team of over 20 individuals, the collective enthusiasm and commitment towards their work continue to be a source of motivation for Filip. The ability to share a common passion and evolve together underscores the company’s dynamic culture and promising future. This narrative of growth, from a fledgling startup to a burgeoning enterprise, showcases the importance of leadership, innovation, and the collective effort of a dedicated team in realizing a shared vision.

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