One More Successful Deal From Interbridge

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We are delighted to announce the successful completion of another Interbridge Europe Finance Solution and would like to take this opportunity to share more details with you.

The senior leadership team at Interbridge has developed a wealth of knowledge in the European lending market, consistently identifying the optimal financing solutions for our clients. Through their diligent efforts, the wider team at Interbridge has not only facilitated growth and stability for our clients but has also reinforced our reputation as a premier finance arranger in the European market.

Deal in details:

-Year of completion: 2023

-Purpose: refinance

-24 months term

-LTV 32%

Interbridge has successfully secured a €4.3 million bridging loan for a property situated in the Costa del Sol, Spain.

What Was The Client Looking For?

The borrower aimed to sell the property and sought to refinance an existing loan with a short-term solution until the optimum sale price could be achieved. We refer to this transitional solution as ‘Bridge to Sale,’ a strategy that offers the client considerable financial flexibility.

What Was Positive About The Deal?

By allowing the client to raise funds immediately while still achieving full market value in their sale, the client benefitted from both liquidity and maximum financial benefit. This solution reaffirms Interbridge’s status as Europe’s leading arranger of innovative transitional capital solutions.

At Interbridge, we recognise the crucial role of empowering our clients towards a brighter financial future, achieved by structuring flexible and timely funding solutions.

How Can Interbridge Help You?

We are eager to facilitate lending solutions on residential properties in Spain, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. 
Please feel free to contact us to explore how Interbridge can help you achieve a more prosperous financial future.

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